Monday, February 14, 2011

Entwistle Update - February 2011

Last month, our family took a trip to Denver Colorado to celebrate the life of my Grandfather Fred Holland. He was a business man, tennis player and amazing skier…in fact he took me skiing the first time in my life! My grandmother put on an amazing celebration of his life which felt more like a wedding than a funeral. It was catered with all of his favorite foods (BBQ and Mexican), had a live band and tons of dancing. As a special remembrance, they took his old clothes and created teddy bears to give to all 9 great grandkids. There was a lot of misty eyes when the littlest ones were seen giving hugs and kisses to the bears.

 Zach & Aaron with "Freddy" Bear.

The rest of the trip was basically a big family reunion. All of my siblings and kids, my parents, aunts and uncles as well as all the cousins (who mostly live in CO). We had many laughs, good talks and play time!

Heading out, we were concerned we might get caught in the snow they were predicted to get but instead of snow slowing us down, both of our boys threw up the night before! The airlines quickly changed our tickets to the following day since they didn’t want puking 2 year olds on their plane…I don’t blame them. We flew out the following day without a hitch. All in all, I wish there was a different reason to go than a funeral and at the same time, it was a great trip in every sense of the word. Hope you and yours are enjoying February!

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