Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Weeks since Surgery---Healing nicely

It’s been 5 weeks since the surgery. Recovery has been slower than I had hoped for but completely normal from the doctor’s point of view.

At this point, all the bandages are off and I’m back to work. My energy is back and I’m back to work fulltime. The biggest reminder is when I go from sitting to standing. I can feel everything in my stomach area stretching out.

From what I understand, even that will go away in a 2-3 weeks. The doctors have said that next week, I am cleared to pick things up. Translated, I can help Suzi again with Aaron care (putting him in and out of his crib, diapering, etc). Suzi is SOO excited for some freedom.

To be honest, I think this process has been harder on her than me. My hat goes off to women in similar situations (especially military wives). Each of you deserve a medal for the sacrifice you make!

It’ll also be nice to be able to wrestle and play chase with Luke and Aaron and not worry about a stray elbow getting me in the gut and sending me back to the operating room.

Weird how the little things like being able to play with and care for my kids is such a privilege.